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Commission Work

Lincatex can provide services on a commission basis including chainette knitting, yarn winding and packaging, delivering its products worldwide.

Yarn processing

We can convert unsaleable or old stock yarns into saleable items by bulking them up, knitting together with similar or other yarns (e.g. Lurex) to create a fancy yarn, ribbon or tape.

Yarn Winding

Our yarn winding and packaging services include spooling, cone winding, ball winding and shrink wrapping of packs for any custom requirement including alternate cone sizes, yarn length and colour combinations.

We can wind any quantity of yarn onto 2.5" (6.35cm) spools, 4" (10.16cm) plastic cones, balls or 6" (15.24cm) cardboard cones for larger weights which can be shrink-wrapped and packaged suitable for sale in the retail trade.

Steam Relaxing

All yarns may be steam relaxed to remove yarn liveliness if required, particularly necessary for all fringes and tassles.

For more information please contact us.